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P.O. Box 296
Elyria, OH 44036-0296
Phone: (440) 353-0001
Fax: (440) 353-0111

1013 Commerce Drive
Grafton, OH 44044
Phone: (440) 353-0001
Fax: (440) 353-0111

Premium Rebuilds & Repair Services

1 1/2 cubic Ft. Barrel BlastClick Goff Table-Blast
Premium Rebuild(Before & After)
2 Cubic Ft. Barrel BlastClick Goff Spinner-Hanger
Premium Rebuild(Before & After)
2.5 Air Blast MachineClick Goff Barrel-Blast
Premium Rebuild(Before & After)

Premium Rebuilds (on site in Grafton, Ohio)
Send us your GOFF machine
  • Complete Machine and cabinet tear down with mechanical cleaning
  • Repair/Replace all motors and gear drives (blast wheel, reclaim, etc.)
  • Repair/Replace blast wheel parts (bare wheel, blades, etc.)
  • Repair/Replace all reclaim parts (screws, elevator belt, etc.)
  • Repair/Replace all protective liners (cabinet liners, blast wheels, etc.)
  • Repair/Replace all worn out seals and hoses (refuse, etc.)
  • Repair/Weld all cabinet holes and doors with flush weld patches
  • Upgrade all electrical components to OEM specifications (if altered prior to rebuild)
  • Premium Paint job “Vista Green” (or customer preference)
  • Run-Off with steel shot prior to shipment
  • One Year warranty on workmanship and engineering and includes all low wear parts, motors and electrical components

Electricric & PLC Programming Complete Cabinet Teardown and Rebuild

OEM Parts
Certified Technicians

On-Site Rebuilding
Showroom Condition

Quick Delivery
12 to 15 Days

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