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1224 Spinner Hanger
1244 Spinner Hanger
2024 Spinner Hanger
2448 Spinner Hanger
2460 Spinner Hanger
3672 Spinner Hanger
4860 Hanger Table
4884 'D' Spinner Hanger
HT-3 Hanger

GOFF Spinner-Hangers

GOFF'S Spinner Hanger machines are proven by: foundries, die casters, investment casters, shot peeners, heat treaters, automotive remanufactures, fabricators, and product surface coaters. Specifically designed to offer thorough blast coverage to parts or castings that are fragile or cannot be tumbled yet require continuous production output. A comprehensive range of machine sizes and capacities allow for various production requirements and part sizes. Models range from 12" diameter up to 72" swing diameters plus the Hanger Table models include heavy duty rotary tables for additional versatility.

GOFF'S Spinner Hanger machines
2448 Spinner Hanger
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