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GOFF Wire Mesh

Design and Sequence of Operations

GOFF'S Wire Mesh Belt continuous production shot blast cleaning machines are designed to offer high production cleaning of various parts and castings. The Wire Mesh Design is simple and requires less material handling.

Parts placed on the wire mesh belt conveyor continuously pass through abrasive tight entry vestibule into the blast chamber. The quantity and placement of the blast wheels coupled with the blast wheel horsepower determine the cleaning capacity and production capabilities of the machine The parts are blast cleaned passing through the blast chamber and then exit through the series of seals in the egress vestibule.

GOFF offers a complete line of stationary, airless centrifugal blast cleaning machinery that clean items at a fraction of the cost of conventional air-blast cleaning methods. GOFF'S direct drive blast wheels offer consistent production and superior performance. The abrasive media is cleaned and recycled, reducing disposal and minimizing abrasive costs. Several product groups are available, as well as specially engineered products to meet individual requirements. Whatever the product, GOFF'S stationary abrasive blast cleaning equipment provides the performance you can count on.

Wire Mesh Continuous Shot Blast
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